[MATTERstudio.AI] A TECHNOLOGY-DRIVEN CREATIVE STUDIO INTEGRATING AI technology with high-quality visual content.

About us

Matter is a groundbreaking creative content studio that expertly combines product photography with AI-generated backgrounds.

We leverage emerging AI technology alongside decades of experience in production, photography, and post-production to provide clients with unprecedented access to diverse and world class imagery.

We recognise the potential for businesses to elevate their visual content without much of the complexity, cost, time and labour traditionally associated with highly stylised product photography.


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[+64] 21 826 966
2 Haultain St, Mt Eden, Auckland

> Client brief
> AI background conception stage
> Shoot product accordingto approved backgrounds
> Composite retouching
> Dispatch

Heath Waugh - Creative Producer

Heath has been a producer and creative for more than 20 years, working at ad agencies before opening a photography studio. He's the guy you'll talk to on the phone when you call, and he'll make you some pretty AI pictures.

Rob Hart - photography

Rob has spent more than 20 years working as a studio photographer. He has a profound understanding of lighting and studio craft. HE's pretty much the rain man of studio photography. He's the guy that shoots your product in the real world.

Ron Anand - post production

Ron is like Rob, a master craftsman. His retouching skill and speed explodes minds. He's also worked as Rob's right handman for 20 years, they go together like velcro and velcro. He's the guy that wizards your product into the AI background.